At the onset of a disease outbreak in a population of newts and salamanders obvious signs, like sick, dying- or dead individuals, may be hard to find. If such an individual (traffic victims not included) is found RAVON asks the public to collect and store it. RAVON has the necessary permits to transport, handle and store such specimens for scientific research. Not every dead or sick individual has Bsal but could also died of natural causes (like predation) or other amphibian infectious diseases like Ranavirus or Amphibiocystidium. Therefor it is always a good idea to collect and store suspicious animals and contact RAVON for transport and further investigation.

found a dead or sick animal? Please notify us via: ZIEKTES@RAVON.NL

When you notice suspicious deaths or sick animals take the following steps:

  • take pictures and make notes (number of animals, species, location/coordinates, date, time etc.)
  • contact RAVON (for transport of deceased animals and follow up surveys etc.)
  • store dead animals in containers or bags
  • store animals separately and store them in the freezer. Include all the details made during the initial encounter/find. Contact RAVON to arrange a pick up of the animals
  • monitor the location for subsequent deaths or sick animals 
  • always disinfect field materials, shoes and other equipment after each field visit (regardless if sick/dead animals have been found)

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